"Our Bollywood team building sessions bring your team together in the most fun and colourful way. They break down barriers, promote diversity and improve staff morale and productivity"

Vibes Dance Bollywood workshops are a great way to bring people together and is a chance to explore and discover the Bollywood spice within your team. They aim to de-stress your staff members and promote team building and self-expression. The workshop can serve as a fantastic ice-breaker for in-house training sessions or an exciting addition to your next conference.

We cater for all your needs regardless of the number of people and the extent of variation.

What to expect from a Bollywood team building workshop:

  • Providing a qualified and friendly Bollywood dance instructor in fabulous attire.
  • Participants are taught simple Bollywood dance steps gradually building up to a sequence. We bring in the elements of footwork, hand movements and eye and facial expressions.
  • Within minutes the whole group will be up and dancing as in a Bollywood movie. We will create smaller teams so they can also incorporate their creative ideas, finishing with a dance off and then picking which group has the best Bollywood moves as the winners.
  • Prizes are handed out to the best team as well as individuals who have shown great Bollywood flavour.
  • Pictures and videos can be taken with your cameras throughout the class of the group in Bollywood poses, whilst in costume

Depending on the skills and the energy of the group, our instructors will bring out the best in people. We ensure that you will leave the workshop feeling great and even humming the tunes in your head.

Bollywood Workshops can last anything from 1 – 3 hours, we can also provide costumes in the form of scarves and bindis depending on the number of participates, please enquire within.

Prices start from £150

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