"Our Bollywood dance workshops for schools are more than just a dance class because they offer a fun and colourful way to explore the Indian culture and get active at the same time"

Vibes dance provides a selection of Indian educational workshops at schools and colleges across the UK. These workshops range from our most popular Bollywood to Classical Indian (Kathak) and Bhangra. All our workshops can be structured to suit the national curriculum and the time demands of the school/college.

We have experience in working with all ages and abilities starting from pre school to adults.

What to expect from an Indian Dance Workshop:

  • We will provide an authentic Indian teacher in full costume as feel students really gain from teachers who have an affinity with Indian culture
  • We supply colourful hips scarves for the children to get dressed up, as well as bindis to hand out as prizes.
  • We educate students on the background of Indian culture, geography and Indian Dance.
  • We use Indian style games to engage students and help them learn bespoke hand gestures in a fun and practical way.
  • All students will learn a dance routine to traditional music and we also encourage students to come up with their own creative ideas too.
  • An education pack will be left with the school. This includes detailed handouts for the students, homework assessments, a certificate as well as a CD with the songs used in the session.

Please note that all of our teachers are DBS checked and hold public liability insurance.

  • Bollywood Dancing

    The basis of every great Indian bollywood film. The dances are a fusion of traditional and classical Indian dance, with the influence of some jazz and modern technique. Timing and Rhythm, energy and sharp controlled expressive movements are the ingredients to becoming a bollywood dancer! This lively form of dance encourages movement of all parts of the body giving it a good workout!

  • Bhangra

    One of the most vibrant, energetic, colourful, lively and explosive forms of dance today. It emerged from the Punjab region of India, hundreds of years ago. The moves are uniquely traditional and the catchy dhol (drum) beats in this lively folk dance will get your hips shaking, arms moving and feet stomping!

  • Classical Indian – Kathak

    The major classical dance form of northern India. The word Kathak means “to tell a story” and it is derived from the dance dramas of ancient India. Kathak focuses more on footwork, statuesque poses and hand gestures. It will enable you to really get the style and grace of Indian dancing.


    The most well known of the Indian Festivals and is also known as the Festival of Lights. It is a five-day celebration in honour of Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth and prosperity and the Indian Dance Workshop provides the perfect opportunity for your school to join in with the celebrations.

Prices start from £175 for a half day

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